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NEXT MEET  : SUN 23 June Weather permitting!!

 Enquires to 0212455990
It has come to the notice of the TADKC that some alterations to kart chassis's have taken place or are being contemplated. These alterations are to be checked and passed by Mike Limmer and or scruiteneer if Mike is not available before racing. SAFETY FIRST (Mike Limmer ph 0278188658)

Karts deemed to be damaging track (at the discretion of the Black Flag Persons) will be black flagged. Kart must be remedied before racing again ( if not you will be black flagged again). A third time and the kart will be trailered.

Min Tyre Pressure = 5psi

Drivers whom register in a class for club champs must have raced in that class for two meetings prior to club champs in current season.

 Current race results are posted
You can email completed membership forms to tearohadirtkartclub@gmail.com and bring along your ID and payment on the first day. We will not process any forms etc...on race days. Rego forms are under the Rules/Class reps tab at the bottom of the page. 
If you know anyone that is keen to be involved in lap scoring, flagging or general helping for the club on race days then contact us on 021 245 5990. Not hard at all but loads of fun for a Sunday with a great bunch of people.